Why Everyone Hates Journalists

Perhaps the biggest underlying theme of the “Trump Era” is a dramatic shattering of the bubble that snobby elites have been living in for decades.

The Snobby Left who are, or more often pretend, they are in the upper echelons of society and dare not approach the “deplorable” and “problematic” unwashed masses (you’re supposed to read those words in a stuffy British accent while holding your pinky up), honestly did not even realize what exists in America.  That’s why they think Trump is this Godlike wizard who suddenly brought the country under some kind of awful spell from a hellish alternate dimension where it’s perpetually the 1950s (and no, it’s not the stable families, white picket fences and economic prosperity we yearn for, it’s the Jim Crow we want back).  They actually think this all came from Trump.  Trump made half the country nationalists.  Trump made half the country reject political correctness and scoff whenever they hear the words “racist”, “sexist” or “homophobe”.  Trump made half the country resent the loss of our manufacturing base.  Trump made half the country resent losing our culture and identity to massive waves of immigrants who will never assimilate.  And Trump made everyone hate journalists.

In fact, it’s so unbelievable a single man could have created so many trends, he must have gotten help from the Soviet… er, Russians.  Probably these undercurrents don’t even exist, it’s all just Russian bots.  All of the last two years must be some kind of fake reality.

No, you sheltered snowflakes!  That’s been the major undercurrents of American political culture for a long time now.  You just don’t talk to anyone outside your tiny echo chamber of a social circle.  Leftists have chosen to “disavow” their detractors instead of listening to them, if for no other reason to stay privy to their enemies’ concerns, especially since 2012.  Something about the second election of Obama really start to push things overboard.  It by no means started then.  In 2008 Ron Paul was a fringe candidate hardly anyone took seriously.  In 2012, he was getting standing ovations and projected to win the Iowa primary (until the RNC and mainstream media faked the poll numbers and waited until everyone gave up on him as “unelectable” to quietly admit it).  The undercurrent was well underway, but it was starting to reach critical mass.

I’m in the age group where the first election we were old enough to vote in was 2008.  So for people my age who are Leftists, their political lives basically began with 8 years of unchallenged victory.  I was bewildered when I met new people and they just assumed I was a Leftist Democrat and started mouthing off about how stupid everyone else is.  They obviously never hang out with anyone who isn’t like them.  A communication barrier arose and, coupled with winning those elections, they must have started to think they really were unchallenged.  Sure, they knew Republicans existed, but not the New Right.  They thought their opposition was Aging Boomer Religious Right.  I think they figured, I’m not a 60 year old farmer with crooked teeth and a Southern accent (I lost my accent when I moved out of the Deep South as a child, unfortunately) who never shuts up about Jesus returning to Earth to blow up all the abortion clinics, so obviously I’m not one of those mythical creatures the Daily Show keeps talking about and Stephen Colbert likes to parody.

Hence their total shock in 2016.  For them it was a very literal Red Pill moment, when they were forced to wake up from their own Matrix and face a reality that’s always been there, but that they were blissfully unaware of.

Leftists reacting to Trump’s victory

But however true this is for your run-of-the-mill Lefty snowflake fresh off of college campuses, it’s far more true for professional journalists.  Their bubble is much more isolated.  Like all of us, much of their social interactions are with their professional peers.  They are part of a profession that is over 90% Leftist Democrat.  They read each others’ articles, watch each others’ content, and follow each others’ social media.  It’s a big circle jerk.

I know this may be hard for some of us to believe, but a lot of journalists honestly had no idea how much the public hates them until Trump started telling them about it to their faces.  That’s why they think it’s all his fault.  And they still won’t admit it’s real.

Why do people like Trump?  One of the biggest reasons is because of how he talks to the media.  The journalists have it backwards.  Trump didn’t convince the public to hate journalists.  The public already hated journalists, and Trump finally expressed what they’ve been feeling in a place (a presidential campaign, and now as president) where journalists actually have to report on it.

For a typical American in “flyover country”, your average journalist is essentially an archetype of everything that is wrong with this country.  A smug, know-it-all yet completely ignorant smart-ass talking down derisively to everyone else as part of a narcissistic love affair with his own reflection.  Remember, news is a type of media.  This is obviously worse with “on screen” journalists (news anchors, pundits for new television networks like CNN, etc.) but still there for “print only” journalists: people who get into those professions are known to be extremely self-absorbed.  It’s like with actors.  Actors are so full of themselves because the cameras are pointed at them, they have their makeup and hair all done to look pretty, and everyone watches them and listens to what they say, even though they’re reading lines someone else wrote.

It’s barely different for journalists.  This is surely a natural and inevitable evolution of the profession, but journalists are increasingly focused on themselves.  Trump is just the green light for them to make all their news coverage about news networks.  They love it when Trump makes the story about the news itself.  It’s what these people have always really wanted to talk about.

It actually tends to get worse with journalists than with actors, because actors at least have to admit on some level they’re just entertainers.  When they “get serious” and start lecturing people about gun control from their $10 million walled-in mansions surrounded by their armed guards, it’s separate from their professional lives of portraying fake, fictional characters shooting a bunch of people.  With journalists, being serious and involved in politics and the world is their job, and that really starts going to their head.  They start to believe they are not only hugely important, but relentlessly brilliant regarding everything that’s going on in the world.  Their profession requires them to write about a lot of different non-fictional topics, which makes them think they’re experts in all those topics.  Journalism is literally a kind of “nonfiction celebrity” profession, and that explains a lot of the attitude we see from journalists.

So the smug self-satisfaction, i.e. “news hair” and “news voice” and the arrogance, is a big part of it.  But that’s not enough to make everyone hate journalists.  That would just make them annoying, like actors.  The reason why people hate journalists so much is because this smugness got combined with a legitimate power that the news profession holds, and started abusing.  Everyone hates journalists because they’re basically people who direct the formation of outrage mobs and can essentially ruin any person’s life for any reason by publishing a hit piece.  And this is a power journalists have decided to wield with no discretion.

There’s really something viscerally hate-able about a person who combines smugness and know-it-all arrogance with a propensity to lie, twist, distort and mislead for the expressed purpose of causing another person to suffer, and when they succeed, publicly patting themselves on the back as some kind of hero.  Properly understood SJWs, exemplified by their now common phrase, “Twitter, do your thing” (they say this when they have picked a target for mob justice), are just amateur journalists.  They’re doing what professional journalists have been paid to do for decades.

We all know we could be the next victim of some mainstream media hit job, and by this point basically everyone who isn’t part of the ultra-Left circle jerk has witnessed the mainstream media not just smear, but outright lie about and defame either a person we respect or at least a set of ideas we subscribe to or find some value in.

For me, it was in 2012.  It was “Ron Paul is a racist, look at his old newsletters” and graphics of Ron Paul in Nazi uniforms.  When I saw this happening, I dug a little deeper and found out the mainstream media, for many years prior, had been smearing right wing libertarians as “maybe not racist, but they’re forming alliances with racists and ’emboldening’ them”.  Yes folks, “Trump is emboldening racists” isn’t anything new.  Trump is basically a reappearance of Pat Buchanan, and it all went down pretty much the exact same way back then (except Trump won).  The paleo-conservative movement has been dealing with this since the moment it was born.

(I should note it was actually Reason Magazine that originated the newsletter hit job on Paul, where they took a newsletter lamenting the increasing racial tensions in big cities exacerbated by Democrats and quote mined it to make it sound like it was glorifying racial tension.  It was then I had to learn about why those kinds of Cato Kochtopus “libertarians” tend to lead the attacks on genuine libertarians).

In particular it was a CNN video of a journalist accosting Paul about these “racist newsletters”, where it was obvious she didn’t want him to say anything.  The point was to publicly shame him and point a camera at him while he stumbles and mutters.  Classic “hard-hitting journalism”!  This lady has no clue what she’s talking about, no clue what paleo-conservatism is, what it stands for, or its history.  She didn’t even read the newsletter in question.  Out-of-context quotes is a favorite tactic of journalists to initiate outrage mobs.  She had no interest in learning or helping the public learn.  If she admitted outright, “I’m not here to report, I’m here to influence an election to go the way I want, and I hated Ron Paul and libertarianism long before I heard anything about this newsletter”, it might not be so bad.  But slapping “unbiased reporting for the sake of an informed public” on top of that infuriated me.

I’ve hated the mainstream media, especially CNN (also Salon and Huffington Post for their utterly inane drivel) ever since this.

Over the next few years I started putting it all together:

  • Journalists are usually people with “communications” degrees, or at best an English degree.  They have no training or understanding whatsoever of anything relevant to analyzing human society.  That includes economics, history, anthropology, etc.  Some of them have “polisci” degrees which makes it even worse, because that’s a bullshit “interdisciplinary” degree that makes them think they’re educated in all those fields when they’re not.  It’s manufactured sophomorism.
  • Their job is basically like a public school teacher: to teach people how things work.  Journalists don’t report events.  Their articles aren’t, “On this day, this thing happened, then this other thing happened”.  News articles are analytical.  They’re about why things happen.  They are about the latest scientific study and what it proves, or about some organization (political, religious, social, health/fitness, etc.), what they believe and why.  Most people cite almost everything they think they know about how the world works from a fucking news article (or even worse a comedic news show like The Daily Show).  Do people not realize how absurd this is, especially when combined with the previous point!?  News isn’t news.  News is basically school for busy working adults.  Adults are being “educated” about the world around them by people with fucking communications degrees.  This isn’t just a matter of “editorializing”.  Reporting on a scientific study or organization’s beliefs inherently goes beyond just listing a set of empirical facts.  It requires analyzing those facts, which ties it to the analytical abilities of the analyzer.
  • As de facto teachers for adults, journalists start genuinely thinking they’re smarter than everyone, which makes the problem worse.  How many times is a journalist asked to write an article about a topic, and they decline saying, “sorry I don’t have enough background knowledge in that area to be able to write about it”!?  No, they’re journalists!  They’re professional writers.  They can write about anything!  So they must be very well-versed in all sorts of topics.  They’re not, but they increasingly think they are, which just encourages them further to step in and fulfill the rule of teachers for all adults.  This is a big part of why everyone hates them.  They basically think the rest of us are their school children, and they can’t help but reveal it in how they talk and act.  When you have a know-nothing journalist lecturing a steel worker about how the steel industry works, for example, you get the kind of blanket disdain we’re seeing.
  • By teaching everyone that someone or something is bad and evil, their role then naturally evolves past simply being teachers and becomes gatekeepers to social acceptance (just as actual public school teachers evolve into the gatekeepers to becoming more than a burger flipper).  This is the origin of “social justice warrior”: they start to see themselves as soldiers in a type of intellectual army whose job is to righteously wield violence and destruction against the bad things in the world.  Hit pieces aren’t a rare offshoot of journalistic work.  It’s the natural form in which most journalism manifests.  If you’re teaching everyone how everything works, then isn’t it your duty to teach them to avoid the bad things in the world?  Now, we have someone who works in the oil industry not just being lectured about how the oil industry works by someone who spends his day on Microsoft Word, but being told it’s evil and destroying the planet.  That pushes it into white-hot hatred.

Like I said, I pieced this all together in 2012.  No help from Trump necessary.

Now we have entire swaths of adults being led around on leashes by this society of smug uneducated dimwits (there’s a reason journalists didn’t major in physics or engineering or business: they’re not smart enough).  Too many people have not gotten it through their heads that journalists are completely full of shit.  When you read that article about the latest scientific study, you’re reading something written by a person who couldn’t pass a 101 science class.  When you read that article analyzing the beliefs of a political movement, you’re reading something written by a person who’s main exposure to history is watching the History Channel.  When you read that article “exposing” someone for his sinister beliefs or associations, you’re reading something written by a person who had a preexisting vendetta to tear that person down.  This doesn’t automatically mean everything they write is wrong or has no value.  But we can all tell the difference between someone who might read some news articles, critically analyze them, pull out the objective facts and draw their own conclusions, and people who literally just channel the articles straight through themselves.  The former get who journalists are and how seriously their ability to understand, well, anything, should be taken.  The latter don’t get that.  They probably didn’t even stop to think that the article was written by somebody, and that somebody is a person who spends most of his time writing articles about stuff.

A journalist’s expertise is in writing, not the topic he’s writing about.

Worse yet, a lot of journalists are a specific demographic of particularly miserable human beings.  The most notable of this is the “BAWL”s: Boomer Aging Women Liberals.  Strong, “empowered” spinster women who showed men what’s what by never getting married, never having children, wasting their 20s being passed around like a fuck doll by a bunch of dudes then spending all day crammed in an office having their articles picked apart by their usually male bosses, and now wasting away in their 40s eating takeout, drinking wine and watching Netflix by themselves every night.  These are the journalists who really excel in hit pieces.  The only thing someone this miserable is able to enjoy is spreading that misery around to everyone else.  And it’s not just to the people they’re “taking down”.  They’re on a mission to convince as many people as possible to follow their same path in life so at least they’ll have some company.  Journalism became activism from people who are literally genetic dead ends with no skin in the game of long-term advancement of the human species.

There’s also various flavors of weirdos, whether they’re flamboyantly gay and constantly rub everyone’s faces in it (contrast with someone who’s gay but, like the rest of us, keeps their sex lives mostly private) and are angry everyone doesn’t think it’s awesome and congratulate them for it; scronny weak soy boys with an axe to grind against “alpha” men who bullied them in high school (solid example here); women with blue hair and tons of facial piercings who go out of their way to be ugly and unattractive; people who are “trans” and need to constantly remind everyone about it; and so on.  The common theme being: people who chose to outcast themselves but don’t like being outcast, they really just crave attention because they’re narcissists, so they adopt some kind of abnormal weird behavior, appearance and so on so they can then complain that society mistreats them.  Journalism attracts these kinds of narcissistic personalities.  It’s their way to simultaneously become famous, play victim and advance their social agendas.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why everyone hates the media, and have hated them for a long time, and why it was such a huge immensely satisfying breath of fresh air to finally get a major leader who says what we all are thinking all the time.

And now we see two new developments: first, journalists have completed their endeavor to “make the story about themselves” and we’re now all supposed to feel bad for them and add them to the list of “oppressed groups” so they can participate in the Oppression Olympics next to minorities, LGBT, Muslims, and so on (see, I told you this is the source of SJW-ism; it’s only a matter of time before we must accept the ultimate victim in all of this is the SJWs themselves).  And second, now they’re starting to lose their jobs because everyone is sick of them and isn’t sending them money anymore, and we have the ultimately, and supremely satisfying, comeuppance of the very group who lectured blue collar workers to “just deal with” their manufacturing jobs being sent overseas losing their jobs and expecting the rest of us to shed a fucking tear for them.  We should count the number of people who lost their jobs because of some bullshit mainstream media hit piece.

So what do they do?  They cry to Twitter until Twitter declares it “abusive” to say to journalists, “learn to code”!

Guys, journalists are the original snowflakes.  They’re where all of this shit is coming from (they themselves are being created by tenured neo-Marxist professors, that’s a topic for another day).  Inflated egos, delusions of grandeur, acting like they’re war vets who stopped the rise of Hitler, and being literally incapable of grasping why everyone can’t fucking stand them.

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