The Girl Who Cried Rape

Now the “allegations = conviction” climate has turned an election. I know there’s this growing popular sport of shitting on men (particular from guys who think this will make them look sensitive and “different” and thereby get them laid), and its participants are happy thinking that “yesallmen” are finally getting their comeuppance. But that’s not what’s going to happen. The real victims of this whole mess are going to to women, specifically women who actually experienced sexual assault. No one is going to believe them or take them seriously. Because two things.One, we started conflating assault with flirting (which may be inappropriate like when it’s between an employer and employee at work, but it’s still in a different universe than assault), and just like how “Nazi” now means “not communist”, we can no longer identify the real thing. “I was raped” now means, possibly, a guy you think is gross asked you out. Two, we’ve turned rape allegations into an obvious political weapon. This isn’t anything new. Women accusing men with whom they have a bad breakup or some other kind of grudge (or with the UVa thing, because she’s trying to get a guy to like her) of rape to get them in trouble has always been around, but now it’s not on an individual level. The last few months have taught women if they don’t like a guy who is rich, famous and/or powerful, she can use this tactic to tank his career in a very public fashion. We’ve handed them a sniper rifle with “you assaulted me 40 years ago” bullets. More generally, this will be the newest way to sell socialism. “Why should I vote for higher taxes?” “Because if you don’t you’re a rapist”. As a long-time libertarian who is dangerously educated in economics I can’t tell you how predictable that is.

I mean, how many times did you see discussions about actual policy issues during this race between Moore and Jones?  Does anyone even care?  The answer is a resounding yes.  It’s not that the Left doesn’t care about policy.  That’s all they care about.  They want socialism, a third-world invasion of the West, repeal of the second amendment, mandatory “diversity” and a legally established policy of extreme “political correctness” that essentially amounts to an in-the-flesh “thought police”.  The reason they’re not saying anything about what they want policy-wise during elections and instead character assassinate is the same reason they want thought police: because they know they can’t win arguments.  This is what I always say about socialists.  Most of them can’t even be honest about what they are and what they want.  Even Bernie Sanders obfuscates it (he admits he’s a “socialist” but tip-toes around the fact this means he wants a 90% income tax).  The only ones I know who are completely open about this are Antifa.  They proudly fly communist flags and wear communist apparel.  But they wear masks, so they can go around intimidating and attacking people.  They aren’t debating either.  I’ve never met a socialist or communist who really likes to argue about politics, unlike libertarians who are mostly wimpy nerds who do nothing but constantly argue about politics (which is why they are useless, but at least it shows they have strength in their convictions).  In this election, people didn’t really care that Moore might have assaulted a girl 40 years ago.  They wanted his policies to lose, and the way they got that was to literally tell people, “if you vote for those policies, you support child rape”.

It is also important to point out that the Establishment Republicans more-or-less threw Moore under the bus.  It’s the same thing they did with Trump, which is why I don’t see it as cause for much concern, much less surprise.  We already know Establishment Republicans are primarily interested in capitulating to the Left and begging them to not call them names (which happens regardless), and that they’re not really conservatives who want to close the border, lower taxes, protect traditional American culture and end this insane “progressivist” (really regressivist) religion of diversity and PC.  They are not our allies, and we should working just as hard to remove them from office as we are to remove Democrats.  Analyzing why the pile-on worked this time, but it didn’t work with Trump, is a topic for another time, but saying, “Establishment Republicans shouldn’t have done that” is missing the point.  They are not allies.  When you lose a battle in a war, you don’t say it’s because your enemy shot at you, or used underhanded tactics like dressing up in your army’s uniform.  That’s what a battle is.  You look at where you failed to fight hard enough.

Anyways, back to the bigger issue of allegations being paraded as conviction.  This isn’t going to end with the deposition of every male in the country. It’s going to end the same way the dilution of the terms “racist” and “Nazi” have ended: people will overwhelmingly roll their eyes when they hear the word “rape” and quietly (or loudly, if they’re like me) write off the ones using it as attention-seeking charlatans.

The end must be near. Despite the token victory the Left got with Doug Jones, they backed themselves into a corner to get it. Calling everyone a racist and sexist didn’t work. So they escalate. Calling everyone a Nazi who wants “genocide” didn’t work. So they escalate. Where do you go after calling everyone a rapist? That’s the end of the road. When that stops working, they’re done, and they’ll be the laughing stock of the whole world. Moore is small potatoes. They really want Trump. The Russia bullshit failed, so all that’s left is to drag the assault allegations that curiously disappeared right after the election back up.  What happens when that fails?  Are they gonna try to assassinate him?  Some time soon, I suspect the mask is going to come off (or, well, go on?  Like with Antifa).  We’ve seen the Left’s temper tantrum since Trump won, which clearly indicates they really don’t support democracy unless it keeps their party in power (they suddenly want to completely overhaul the federal government to not use an electoral college).  But remember they still think they have some avenue to removing Trump.  When they run out of options, what are they going to do next?

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