Racism Is Real and Still a Major Problem in America

It is a mistake for conservatives to scoff at the idea of institutional racism.  Properly understood, the progressive Democrat political ideology is nothing more than the self-absorbed narcissism of spoiled white women bolstered by the orbit of unattractive spoiled white men pandering to those women in a desperate attempt to get laid.  Conservatives and libertarians have ignored this, quite possibly because they have projected their lack of racism onto the Left (a common theme of “nice” people to assume those trying to destroy their society are just as “nice” as they are), and certainly because they are scared of even bringing up racial politics because they’ll be called racist for doing it (as if they won’t be called racist if they don’t).  We can’t ignore it anymore.

When Roseanne gets metaphorically burned at the stake for posting a tweet where she said a black woman was a “mixture of Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes”, and the snobby elitist Democrats, in a big chorus, immediately concluded she “really” meant all black people are apes, and reminded us they invented a rule where it might be okay to call someone an ape, but only if that person isn’t black, it can’t get any more obvious.  When Democrats play the same word game with how we ought to refer to blacks that people do with how we ought to refer to the mentally retarded (the “acceptable” term keeps changing because it keeps hurting peoples’ feelings… not the feelings of the people referred to, but the feelings of their self-appointed “keepers”), it can’t get any more obvious.  When they attack a company “on behalf” of a black boy who wore a shirt with the word “monkey” on it, prompting the boy’s own mother to tell them to fuck off, it can’t get any more obvious.

We all know this is nothing new.  Racism was a wholly Democratic party endeavor up to the 1960s, with prominent examples being the eugenic roots of birth control, Planned Parenthood and feminism, the KKK pushing gun control as a means to stop recently freed blacks from defending themselves, and of course Dixiecrats and Jim Crow.  The official narrative is that the two parties “switched” at the time the Civil Rights Act was passed, conveniently allowing Democrats to simply sever their ties to their own past (a luxury they are quick to revoke from the Confederate South).  This is a lie, and it has led to the widely believed fallacy that Democrats supported the Civil Rights Act and Republicans opposed it, and even more ridiculous, that conservatism is where all the racism comes from.

Let’s break down the Democrat’s argument for why conservatives are racist:

  1. We defined a political spectrum where we are on the “Left” side, and both conservatives and Nazis are on the “Right” side
  2. Nazis were racists
  3. Ergo, conservatives are racist.


As we unpack what modern progressivism is really about, we can see why they are so determined to pin racism on us.  They are like the Republican congressman who fights a crusade against gay people, and then gets caught in an orgy with five dicks inside him at once.  He’s a “closet homosexual”, and Leftists are “closet racists”.  Maybe if they publicly wage a fake crusade against “racism” we won’t figure that out.

Forget about “Republicans”, and let’s talk about conservatism.  Conservatives are the lame stuck up people who think you should keep your genitals in your pants until you find the love of your life, then put a ring on it, make lots of children and raise them in a stable household with two loving parents, fulfilling both the paternal and maternal roles in the children’s lives.  They believe in all that silly “God” stuff, and all the silly rules that come along with it called “morality”, which ultimately derives from a legitimate concern for one’s own soul.  Ha!  Those squares actually believe people have souls, and aren’t just “clumps of cells”, which randomly acquire government-given rights on the day they are born (or maybe some amount of time after that).  They go to church and give to charity and all this other boring stuff.  And speaking of abortion, what’s with that?  Isn’t sex just fun and games, two people loving each other?  Why does it have to have consequences that involve creating more life and ending up responsible for raising it into functioning adults who will contribute to society?  Oh and they go on and on about “personal responsibility”.  Isn’t it more fun to just blame everything on evil rich people and pilfer their bank accounts?  Who needs a big mansion and a yacht anyway!?

Yeah, that’s conservatism, and its backbone is Christianity.  There’s something really miraculous about Christianity.  It built Western Civilization, and when black Americans were freed and first joined the West as free citizens, even long before they became first class citizens and had to deal with Jim Crow, they formed stable families and overtook whites in their rate of growth.  Isn’t that amazing?  Even under the oppressive boot of segregation, fresh off centuries of enslavement, they improved their lives faster than the wealthier, more free, even more intelligent on average white majority.  That’s what happens when you have a strong, Christian, God-fearing culture.

Then Democrats came along, and they fucked it all up.  Now, we all think conservatism is stupid.  We had the sexual revolution, we’re all empowered and just fuck each other meaninglessly on Tinder, vacuum out any unfortunate clumps of fetal tissue we accidentally make, celebrate single mothers as strong, independent women and reward them with welfare, which has literally ripped apart entire generations of families, and glorified a worldly, ego-centric, Godless, celebrity-obsessed narcissistic culture with a fake morality about being “woke” on fake social issues, all while we chased manufacturing out of the country with tax hikes and hollowed out the economy into a pathetic shell of its former self.  This has caused damage to all of us.  Whites are suffering, especially in the “fly-over country” the snobby Democrats so despise, in the form of the opioid epidemic.  But blacks weren’t as high up on the ladder as whites.  They still had a long way to climb from their marginalized past, so the destruction of black families at the hands of Democrats has turned their urban neighborhoods into hell.

Then Democrats threw blacks under the bus by adopting the “Oppression Olympics” with utterly undeserving participants like “LGBT”, Muslims, Hispanics, and most absurd of all, white women.  To place any kind of “plight” of these groups next to that of black Americans is insulting.  None of those groups were enslaved then legally separated for centuries.  None of those groups experienced anything in the same universe that blacks went through.

Then Democrats betrayed blacks by importing an underclass of poor, exploitable illegal immigrants to take all of the jobs typically taken by poorer people, thereby destroying blacks’ ability to rise up from their disenfranchised and exploited past.  Then they have the audacity to scoff at the notion that anyone actually wants those jobs; a testament to how truly spoiled and jaded they really are.  Blacks in big cities are all too familiar with the personal damage caused by a now virtual requirement in low-paying job sectors to be able to speak fluent Spanish.  Who cares about them, right?  Just like immigrants, they “just want a better life for themselves and their families”, but fuck ’em, ’cause they won’t work for pennies on a dollar because they’re frightened and isolated in a strange foreign country who’s language they don’t speak.

When Democrats destroyed the black family by incentivizing single motherhood with welfare, the result was fatherless black children.  Without father figures, young blacks turned to drugs, gangs and violent crime.  Democrats further exacerbated this by helping brainwash young blacks into believing that law enforcement is out to get them, unfairly targets them and believes their lives “don’t matter”.  Thus, we get “gangster culture”,  “Fuck the police, comin’ straight from the underground”, as they say.  Ohh but this is all fun and games to wealthy privileged middle and upper class whites, especially white women, who happen to be the most overwhelmingly “Progressive Left” demographic of all.  Their favorite music is gangster rap they sing along to and pretend to understand, as they avoid poor black neighborhoods and their crime and violence like the plague.  They get entertainment out of blacks creating a culture around their own tragic demise, fostered by those very same peoples’ self-serving political grandstanding.

I saw them as I grew up in privileged white areas: even more privileged white girls who listened to nothing but gangster rap.  It was hilarious and pathetic, the way they co-opted a culture about struggling through a youth where any day you might get shot, making it “cool” and “hip” in their stuck up circles.  The nerve of these vapid occupiers of precious physical space, narcissistic beyond belief because all us men put them on a pedestal for their physical attractiveness and youth, to blast songs that drop the N word, joke about shooting cops and talk about women being “bitches” and using them as jiz rags, to then turn around and complain that Donald Trump used the word “pussy” in a private conversation.  This is the Instagram generation; a world driven by the steady IV of dopamine hits from getting “likes” on social media from posting one thing about the “plight” of the “marginalized” and those bastard Republicans responsible for it, for every 10 posts, with 10 times as many likes, of a picture of their half-exposed tits.

The endless attention comes from the emasculated beta men chasing these hollowed out girls around, thinking if they nod along with thoughtless feel-good platitudes like “no person is illegal” or “hate has no home here” masquerading as genuine policy ideas, they might be able to smash her young hot pussy at least once.  The girls get the narcissistic attention they crave, and the guys get the unrealistic fantasy of fucking a girl way out of his league that they crave.  All just self-serving whites looking out for their own interests with no concern about who gets stepped on in the process, be it the innocent conservative slandered as a hateful Nazi until his life and reputation is ruined (oh, he has a black wife?  Well fuck her, she’s collateral damage), or worse yet the untold numbers of helpless blacks stuck in the urban war zones created when white majorities vote in Democrats for decades straight just to make themselves feel good, then leave the mess behind and move to nice white suburbs.

It’s all for them.  Wealthy spoiled whites posturing about social issues they know nothing about and encouraging blacks to revolt against law and order, equate responsibility and success with “acting white”, then tell them to hate whiteness (and therefore hate responsibility and success) is, correctly understood, a shocking and disgusting exercise in sociopathic exploitation.  It’s all just to make them feel special and accomplished without the uncomfortable burden of actually accomplishing anything.  That mere tingly feeling is worth untold epidemics of black suffering to them.

Democrats, like slave owners, see blacks merely as a tool to make their own lives easier.  Just like slave owners, they feel personally deprived, stolen from, when blacks acquire their own identity as something other than well behaved Democrat voters and peddlers of America hating Cultural Marxist bullshit.  When they behave well, like Colin Kaepernick, they treat him like a dog who just spoke on command with trite, insincere praise, for nothing other than “correctly” furthering the wealthy white Democrat agenda.  When they don’t, like Kanye West, they call him a “negro who doesn’t read” on national television.

Wealthy white privileged Democrats simply don’t see blacks as possessing humanity.  They are here to serve their needs, and get discarded the moment they outlive their usefulness.

Ultimately, Democrats have taken the very concept of racism and turned it into a tool of self-congratulation exclusively for privileged whites.  Blacks don’t get the nice tingly good feeling of “denouncing racism” in the form of defaming conservatives and libertarians, or just straight white males in general, because for them it comes attached to their own history of brutal oppression.  For whites who play this “I’m fighting racism by being progressive” game, there is no such association.  It’s the positive feeling of “I didn’t come from a legacy of being exploited” topped with more positive feeling of, “I shed myself of the guilt of coming from a legacy of exploiting by loudly announcing my awareness of it”.  The Left’s concept of “white privilege” is mind-bogglingly self-reinforcing.  There is nothing more essentially “white privileged” than the privilege, exclusive to whites, to gain social status and admiration for declaring one’s own privilege and enjoying the smug self-congratulatory exercise of condemning the whites who refuse to participate.

Think about that.  Think about how the very idea of racism, which in America obviously refers primarily to the ugly legacy of racially driven slavery, followed by segregation, echoed in countless quotes by even people like Abraham Lincoln, has been twisted by privileged whites into a way to make themselves feel even better about themselves for being the most privileged people in the world.  What a bunch of assholes!  Even genocidal supremacists like Hitler were fucking honest about what they were.  Hitler didn’t say he was all about equality and tolerance and trick Jews and gypsies into voting for him.

Racism isn’t supposed to be something that makes anyone feel good.  That’s what it is for progressives.  They have taken their beliefs that blacks are less human and turned it around into a means of shameless public mental masturbation just for whites.  The achievement of equality, well under way even under Jim Crow thanks to the civilizing power of Christianity, would forever rob spoiled whites of this privilege, and that is why they tire day and night to keep blacks stuck on their modern psychological plantation.  The Left, particularly their biggest demographic of spoiled white women, really just wants even more privilege and power for that demographic (white women), and they will gladly destroy the entire black community even if it will slightly aid in their mad quest to love themselves even more than they already do.

On top of all this, the Left created the Alt-Right and white nationalism, acting as a gateway drug directly from the stubborn denial that the thug culture, and the destructive left wing policies and brainwashing that led to it, has anything to do with the current state of black communities, to the conclusion that blacks must just be inherently broken and un-salvageable.  That’s what you get when you deny the effect of progressive politics on blacks.  The only remaining explanation for the shockingly high crime rates, broken families and perpetual victimhood of blacks is open embracing of the idea that they simply cannot be civilized.  The racism of the Alt Right is just Leftism with the mask off.  But consistent with everything else, white Leftists not only don’t care, they’re actually happy about the Alt-Right, which is why they obsess over it, over-represent it, and equate it with entire Right wing.  As if being able to tell yourself you’re fixing a centuries old legacy of exploitation with asinine virtue signaling on Facebook isn’t enough, now these spoiled fruitcakes get to tell themselves they’re storming the beaches of Normandy like their grandfathers (who actually did go to war and die for a cause) and stopping the rise of the next Hitler.  Why, they’re fucking heroes aren’t they!?  They deserve a wall with all their names etched in stone at the White House because they got a speaking event for a gay Jewish man with a black husband cancelled by throwing molotov cocktails and causing $100,000 of damage.

So brave!!

So now, these shit stains are quite literally fomenting a movement of explicit white supremacy as an excuse to bring us under communism, which has always been the ultimate goal, because they know damn well communism can’t be justified on its own grounds as a workable economic system.  Instead we can say “sure capitalism might be better at supplying demands for goods and services and alleviating poverty, but it’s racist and built on the backs of black slaves, so that’s why we need communism!”  As soon as blacks succeed under capitalism, out the window goes that stupid narrative, so for the love of Mao don’t let that happen!!

Even better, these Alt-Right basement dwelling virgins are socialists!  Awesome!  They say socialism is great as long as it’s all white people.  And that’s why the Left mostly ignores genuine Alt-Right people like Richard Spencer and instead calls free market conservatives and libertarians Alt-Right and obsess over what is actually a fake threat.  The Alt-Right is ultimately an ally to the Progressive Left.  They’re approaching the same end goal of socialism from two different angles to more effectively market it.  Their mutual sworn enemy, against whom both of them direct endless infuriated vitriol, are the people like me: the people who’s economics scholarship leaves their idiotic ideas about centrally planned economies, regardless of racial demographics, in a smoking heap of rubble.

They also both deeply despise Israel.  Another curious point of agreement between the Alt Right and the Progressive Left.

I and all those like me are sick of the overt racist crap spewing out of the mouths of arrogant Leftists, especially when I see it quite literally fomenting racial inequality on a sociological scale.  Antifa is almost entirely spoiled white college kids.  Most of the mainstream media authors who literally wrote the words “multiracial white supremacy” without re-examining their whole lives are miserable aging single white women who’s era of worshipped hotness and being used as a sex toy by a bunch of bad boys is long over, so now they’re resigned to a boring life of cats, Netflix, takeout for dinner and a full schedule of attacking all the conservative traditions they failed to listen to because misery loves company.

How much more obvious can this get?

I invite blacks to reconsider the narrative that conservatives hate them, that Christianity, morality, personal responsibility and free markets are their enemy, and that the people working overtime to fill your mind with an inferiority complex are really your friends.

Just #walkaway.

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