I’m Trying to Empower You

When people get mad that I dismiss all the whining about “privilege” and “microaggressions” and all the other manifestations of Professional Victomology, I get frustrated, because they’re missing the whole damn point.  They think I am attacking them, trying to beat them down, be mean to them, and so on.  They think I’m trying to weaken them.  I guess they make themselves victims of my regressive political ranting.

Why would I try to do that?  This victim mentality weakens you more than I ever could.  I’m not trying to be mean to you.  I’m trying to get you to drop this nonsense so you can make something of yourself.

Every day that you spend worrying about how much easier other people had it is a day you don’t spend doing best you can to get ahead.  Every day that you spend in a “safe space” working up tears about the things other people say to you is a day you don’t spend developing strength to withstand the routine hardships of life.

You’re not “woke”.  You’re losing.  You’re falling behind, wasting your precious time and energy complaining about things that either don’t exist, or that don’t matter any more than you make them.  Eventually, you’ll actually become a victim, and what’s really tragic is that will validate your own victim mindset.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Is it because you’re a minority, or a woman, or gay, or so on?  No, it’s because you’re a social justice warrior.  Then it becomes an accelerating feedback loop.  The descent into genuine victimhood intensifies the fight against “white privilege” and the “patriarchy” and other such phantom specters, seemingly validating their existence.  Correspondingly, this creates even more victimhood.  This further proves these things are real.  And on and on and on, until you’re in your 40s with no family, 10 cats and a grudge against all the “privileged” people who ignored all this faux outrage and just focused on self-improvement and reaching their goals.

Why do I care?  Because I share society with you.  If you and all my generation burns down the world because they think they’re storming Berlin to stop the next Hitler, then I and my future children will live in charred ruins.  I don’t want to live in that world.  This isn’t pandering or virtue signaling.  I care because I understand we’re in this together.  If you lose, I lose.  People drowning in victim mentality don’t understand this because the essence of victomology is the scarcity mindset.  Yes, as economic theory tells us, scarcity always exists, but this is relative to our endless desires.  Put in perspective, we have more things we want and need than everyone who has ever existed except possibly our parents.  A lot of the complaining is about how we have things harder than the previous generation.  So what!?  That just means we’re the second most well off people ever instead of the first most well off.  The scarcity mindset breeds jealously and hoarding.  People with this mindset couldn’t imagine that I would think building other people up would benefit me too.  They think in terms of a zero-sum game: of “distribution”, of one person getting “too much” and that’s why others get “too little”.  In other words, socialism;  the crab bucket mentality; if you win I lose, so I must hold you back.

Successful people have an abundance mindset.  They’re not interested in how to slice the pie, they want to grow the pie.  That way everyone gets a bigger slice, without anyone having to get a smaller slice.  In other words, capitalism; the mindset of teamwork, and constructive competition (yes we’re all individually competing for the MVP award, but we’re all on the same team, and participating in this competition makes us all win).  I want a bigger piece of pie.  I’m not going to do that by taking other peoples’ slices, because that creates enemies that will threaten me.  I have to make the pie bigger, and I can’t do it by myself.  I need your help.  You won’t help make the pie bigger if you’re obsessed over how “unequal” the pie is distributed and how the fact some people currently get a big slice fills you with envy.

I know it may seem like I hate you, and I know you swear I am a hate-monger whose whole existence rests on hating people who have nothing to do with my life, but that’s just a part of this warped world view.  I hate the fact that a corrupt, fraudulent “higher education” system that was supposed to train you for a high-paying job instead poisoned your mind with Cultural Marxist garbage and left you drowning in debt, demanding Bernie Sanders for president to get you off the hook for it.  I hate that it taught you to dedicate your time to “protesting” for “social change” because you either think that’s necessary to be a worthwhile member of society as a basic form of altruism, or worse yet you actually think some boot of oppressive bigotry is ruining your life.

Ironically, I am shooting these intellectual torpedoes at the thing that truly victimized you.  You get mad and accuse of me of participating in oppression by telling you “white privilege” and “the patriarchy” don’t exist, because you don’t understand what I am doing.  It is these very ideas that are oppressing you.  I am trying to free you from the mental prison of not realizing that if you live in America in 2017, you are more privileged than people from other places and times could ever even conceive.  And this is not to shame you.  There is no shame in being privileged.  Use that state of privilege to better your own life, and then use the overflow of success and joy that results to help humanity.  Becoming a millionaire and starting your own charity is infinitely more valuable than wearing a “pussy hat” and holding a “Not My President” sign in the middle of a highway.  I am trying to get you to understand how privileged you are to live in a 1st world Western country in the 21st century because it will unleash your potential.  The world is your fucking oyster.  It’s literally on your smart phone!

In one way or another, if you have gone down this road of “fighting social injustice”, you have been emotionally manipulated.  If you are one of the designated oppressor groups (whites, males, straights, Christians, etc.), then you have been manipulated into believing you have some kind of “original sin”, for which you must eternally atone through the public act of “acknowledgement”.  The best I can do to release you from the grips of this garbage is to get you to understand how utterly insulting this is to the oppressed groups, if it turns out they actually are oppressed.  Can you imagine what it’s like to be black, aware of the fresh history of centuries of slavery from which you arose, and one of the great grandchildren of your forbearers’ slave masters telling you, “I get that I benefited from my family committing atrocities against yours, so you know, it’s better now”.  The correct answer, actually, is no you can’t.  That’s all you’re trying to do: get yourself off the hook for something.  If you’re part of one of these “oppressor” groups, you have no clue what it’s like to be part of one of the “oppressed” groups, and you never will.  It is arrogant, presumptuous and insulting to pretend like you do.

Now, like I’m trying to explain, the point of this is not to attack you.  You are used to being shamed constantly for your membership in an oppressor group, so I understand you assume what I am doing now is just further shaming you.  But I’m not.  I’m saying this moral requirement to “atone” for things you have absolutely no control over is morally bankrupt.  You have no such requirement, and you are not a bad person for staunchly holding up your middle finger to anyone who tells you to “check your privilege”.  Their notions that you have “unconscious bias” that must be rooted out by “sensitivity training”, which I will address more below, are baseless sophistry that you couldn’t possibly avoid because it declares every possible word that comes out of your mouth as “serving bigotry”.  Those people don’t know you, the personal struggles you’ve been through that are unique to you and have nothing to do with what group you belong to.  Tell them to fuck off and get busy making something of yourself.  If you are privileged, that isn’t something to apologize for.  You had no control over the circumstances in which you are born, and starting ahead of others, assuming you actually did in a meaningful way, doesn’t mean you don’t get to live your life.

If you are one of the designated oppressed groups (minorities, females, LGBT, Muslims, etc.), then you have been manipulated into believing that the world is holding you back and won’t let you succeed just because of your membership in these groups, which is completely out of your control.  You are supposed to be overwhelmed by the injustice and irrationality of this, until it pushes you into an emotional breakdown and consumes your entire conscience.  You are taught to take every experience, which is inherently vague and up to interpretation, and impose the interpretation that feeds this idea that you live in such an unjust world.  If you walk by a stranger on the street and see him make a nasty face at you, you are taught this must be because you belong to the group you do, and that person gloated over the inherent power he has over you by intimidating you, just to remind you of how powerless you are.  There are many other possible interpretations of the data.  Maybe he thought you were dressed sloppy, or you smelled bad, or he thought you were someone else that he knew and had some beef with.  Maybe he didn’t even intend to make a nasty face, and just had at itch on his nose.  But those are all dismissed.  It must be because he hates whatever group you are a part of.

You are taught to take the things people say and don’t even really think about, and squeeze out of them an inkling of “microaggression” that proves other people have prejudice against you so deeply imbedded in their subconscious it leaks out of every word they utter.  The arguments used to establish such “unconscious bias” become increasingly circuitous and flimsy, until they eventually serve as a catch-all, where literally every possible utterance reinforces it.  If you are non-white, and a white person asks where you are from, that proves he holds unconscious prejudice against you.  If he takes the only other option of not asking where you are from, his avoidance of the question proves he holds unconscious prejudice against you.  If a member of an oppressor group does not wish to date any member of an oppressed group to which you belong, that is bigoted.  If a member of an oppressor group does date members of your group, then he is fetishizing that group to obscure his bigotry.  Quite literally, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.  This is a manipulation of your mind to label every experience you have, or could ever have, as being a constant reminder that the world is against you.  Well, the world isn’t against you, but whoever taught you to think this way sure as hell was.

The very term “microaggression” should make this all clear.  The bar for what should ruin your day and prove everyone is out to get you, or likewise proves you are out to get everyone, has been lowered to such a ridiculous level that it includes waving at people (as well as not waving) when walking down the street.  This is psychological warfare.  It is designed to control your mind so you never focus on what’s important and become successful and self-sufficient.  If it’s a “micro” aggression, then you should give a micro-shit.  You should take pride in the fact that even macro-aggressions won’t slow you down, because you are so strong and resilient.  People are who they are, and some of them are assholes.  Are there racists, sexists and homophobes out there?  Of course!  Those people will forever be losers because they can’t focus on themselves, they think they are victims of whatever race or sex or sexual orientation they hate.  All that energy they put into hating is energy they don’t put into themselves and their lives.  Why would you rent even a single square foot of your mental space to those people?

In America today, bigotry is alive and well, but politically castrated.  No, Donald Trump is not bigotry in the White House, an imminent next Hitler waiting to happen.  That is more mind control.  Trump is just the next president.  Some people love him, some people hate him.  It’s just like every other president in U.S. history.  Life goes on.  We live in a very unique time in history where everyone really does, by and large, have equal rights.  Of course some people judge others for superficial reasons, that will always happen.  But those people don’t have armies following their orders.  This freedom of all people is dangerous for the political elite, but they can’t just throw you in a cage, because we wouldn’t tolerate that.  So they must try to cage your mind.  As long as you see through their manipulation, they cannot do this.  The Cultural Marxism is a weapon used to keep you at war with other normal people, with no political power, in the same exact struggle you are in; to make something of yourself.  All you have to do is let go of it and the success that comes from focusing on bettering yourself and reaching your goals will prove beyond any reasonable doubt it is a bankrupt ideology.

Ultimately, I am demanding you take personal responsibility.  If your life is not going the way you want it to, it’s too easy to blame it on forces out of your control.  That’s the most disempowering thing imaginable; for such scapegoating to even be an option.  If “white privilege” exists, it is the privilege of society never giving whites an option to blame their failure on others.  The popular attitude is when a black person is stuck in poverty, it is society’s fault, but if a white person is stuck in poverty, he is especially pathetic because even though society handed him all this privilege, he still became a fuckup.  That is “white privilege” right there: the privilege of being forced to take responsibility for your own life.

However difficult it is, no matter how much you have to resist the temptation, find a way to make everything that happens to you your own fault.  Even if a court of law would convict someone else, make it your fault.  This is for no one except yourself.  By making everything your fault, by taking responsibility for everything, you empower yourself to make things different.  If something was your fault, you can do things differently next time.  If it’s the worlds’ fault, well changing the world is almost impossible.  But you can change yourself.  Don’t give into the indulgence of saying you won’t succeed if you try.  All of these “social justice” stuff is distracting yourself with trying to “change the world” in ways that have no chance of even working when, all along, all you really have to do is change yourself.

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