Anti-Hate Is Asinine

The Left is anti-hate!  Just go to any of their protests and see.  According to the Left, I and all other conservatives and libertarians are just all about hate, while they are all about love.  Can’t we all just love each other?

 First of all, let’s pause to swallow the hilarious contradiction of having an “anti-hate protest”.  Protesting something isn’t exactly an expression of love.  I don’t show my friends and family that I love them by protesting them.  No, I protest things I… uh oh.  Well, maybe they just kinda don’t like hate.  But, well, that doesn’t work out either.  These guys freak out, get hysterical, and even get violent.  They don’t just have a distaste for hate.  They really, really really don’t like hate.  It’s almost like they… hate hate!

 But that’s the obvious point to raise.  The hypocrisy and projection of social justice warriors is their well-established modus operandi.  If you ever want to know what sins SJWs are guilty of, just listen to the accusations they make of you.  If you’ve ever been bewildered by these accusations (just thinking, or saying out loud, “what are you talking about, I’ve never done that, that’s not what I’m about?”), this is why.  It’s not you who does the things SJWs say you do.  It’s them.  But again, this is obvious and well-known.  There is something more important to discuss when it comes to this notion of “anti-hate”.  What if SJWs weren’t projecting hypocrites?  What if anyone out there is genuinely, and consistently, anti-hate?

 Well, actually the contradiction is built into the idea itself.  Being “anti” something means you don’t like it.  “Hating” it is just being more emotional about it.  To bring this to home, let’s be clear.  Being “anti-hate” is a completely stupid concept.  The world is full of things that should be hated.  Murder.  Rape.  Genocide.  Totalitarianism.  Pedophilia.  Slavery.  The list is quite long.  Look, I hate murderers, rapists, dictators, pedophiles, slave drivers, and plenty of other people.  And I damn well should.  If you don’t hate those people, there’s something seriously wrong with you. 

You can be a good Christian and say, “hate the sin, love the sinner”, which means that you don’t necessarily hate the people who engage in bad behavior (depending on how bad it and its already created consequences are), you hate the bad things that they do, and the bad ideas that motivates this behavior.  Sure, but you still hate the sin.  You’re not being anti-hate.

 Leftists would surely agree with this.  Their whole thing is that they hate Nazis.  They hate racism, their idea of “genocide” (which apparently means wearing a MAGA hat), Trump, white people, men, capitalism and Western civilization.  But if they obviously get this, what’s with parading around saying, “love is the answer”?  Well, it’s just one example of the general manipulative virtue signaling of SJWs where they speak in vacuous tautologies about goodness.  It’s no different from saying things like, “We need common sense gun laws”.  Oh, really?  So, we shouldn’t have gun laws that don’t make any sense?  Gee, thanks.  Another one is, “People need to pay their fair share”.  Oh, really?  So, people shouldn’t pay unfair shares?  Fascinating.  And here’s my favorite: “I’m not left or right.  I’m a moderate.”  Oh, sure, according to you, your own beliefs are balanced and non-extreme.  You won’t use a description that actually identifies what those ideas are, except to assert that they are in the middle of your own perspective on political spectra.

 Let’s stop playing this game.  When you encounter one of these protests and see people holding up “stop hate” signs, confront them with the existence of things everyone agrees are horrible: murder, rape, slavery, and so on.  Ask them point blank: do you hate murderers, rapists and slave owners?  Force them to either answer yes, and thus get egg on their face for simultaneously holding an “anti-hate” sign and having to bask in their own manipulative virtue signaling, or even worse for them, to answer no.

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