Alpha Males Must Save the World

If you don’t “get” the Trump phenomenon, then listen up.  I will explain why Trump is not just a guy, or even just a president.  He is the embodiment of a very deep structural resistance to the terminal decline of Western Civilization.  I have been amazed that a general idea, a spirit, an abstract will, really does materialize into one human.  There are many like Trump out there, and they are surely visible in their own communities.  But now this spiritual force is on the international political stage, and everyone can see it.  And it has the purveyors of social decline in the West in a panic we’ve never seen in them before.  It is a watershed moment in history because, certainly not in my lifetime, and from what I understand much longer than that, we’ve never seen the Establishment break ranks like this.  Politics is centrally a confidence game, and Trump got them all to freak out.  They all lost their cool, and for us to see that, it really leaves the Emperor naked on his throne.

But enough abstract talk.  What exactly am I talking about?  What is this “spirit” Trump embodies, and how does it strike at the heart of Western decline?  What do I even mean exactly by Western decline to begin with?  I have been saying this since the election began.  Above all else, Trump is an Alpha Male.  I saw it, and other keen observers who see the layers of what is going on in the world saw it.  It’s funny that the media portrays Trump supporters as low information illiterate hicks.  Yes, there are a large number of working class non-intellectuals who voted for him to bring back manufacturing jobs (and unlike the snobby Leftist pseudo-academics, I’m not going to insult these simple but honest and hardworking peoples’ intelligence), but there is also a solid representation from the most poignant intellectually astute sociologists (a term long monopolized by Far Left Marxist university welfare queens who call themselves “professors”).  I am among them, as are generally the Austro-libertarians to which I have long belonged.  We are unique in possessing the analytical understand of society to analyze it in a way most cannot.  Why did many of us, either extremely small-government classical liberals or outright private property anarchists, endorse a New York centrist who talks a lot about protectionism and even government healthcare?  Because we see what he is, what he represents, and most importantly… that he was going to win.

Trump’s embodiment of what “alpha male” means is really what this is all about.  It’s not primarily about immigration.  It’s not primarily about political correctness.  It’s not primarily about lowering corporate taxes.  Those are all pillars in the cure for the disease currently infecting the West, but Trump isn’t the cure.  He is the doctor with the will to use the cure.  For thirty-some years, when Trump has talked about politics, the same theme always came up: America is a loser now.  We’re weak.  We are the laughing stock of other countries.  We let ourselves get screwed in the deals we make.  We apologize when we didn’t do anything wrong.  We disrespect out history and our heritage, badmouthing ourselves, making our kids get formal “education” in how evil America is, hanging out heads for displacing Native Americans, having no regard for our national sovereignty or our national culture, and essentially welcoming our own destruction through a migrant invasion.  We care more about “not being mean” than we do about winning.  We’d rather be conquered by savages from parts of the world still stuck in the Middle Ages as long as we think it proves we’re not “racist”.  This is what Trump’s campaign slogan underlined.  “Make America Great Again”.  It means for us, as a nation, to stop being a whiny, submissive, capitulating little beta bitch and start kicking ass again.  Start leading the world in everything like we used to.  Start protecting our borders and stop tolerating people who fled their own failing socialist shithole countries and come to America and burn our flag and say “America was never great!” (then why the fuck did you come here?).  Start negotiating hard with other nations with our own best interests in mind.  Reclaim the spirit of the Founding Fathers, who told the biggest empire in the world to fuck off so they could plant the seed that accelerated the greatest civilization in human history.

Stop being a sucker!  Start WINNING again!

This is, on a sociological level, what on an individual has come to be known as No More Mr. Nice Guy.  Nice guys finish last.  This is how the world works.  We are born into a peculiar paradox: a planet so rich with resources they are essentially abundant, and yet they are trapped in unusable forms and must, through meticulous and organized labor, be freed and then molded carefully into valuable goods that enable our survival and then satisfy our pleasures.  Even though we are surrounded by the raw materials needed to make all the necessary and pleasant things in the world, the very nature of our existence is that we face scarcity.  There is never enough to go around, and there is always more work to do.  Economic science is built upon this single insight.  The advancement of civilization is the gradual but systematic alleviation of this scarcity, and the Modern West has come unimaginably far in this endeavor.  But it is a never-ending feat, and at any moment we are potentially one generation away from a sudden return the state of nature from whence we came.  All we have to do is fail to protect the extremely fragile system of civilization for that to happen.  This is not a “nice” world”.  Watch “Planet Earth” if you think nature is “nice”.  Watch a bear hunt for a prey animal so it can rip it apart and carry its carcass back to its cubs… or watch the cubs slowly and painfully starve to death if the bear fails to catch anything.  Watch the one where fungal spores infect ants, take control of their brains, turning them essentially into zombies, override their nervous system so they seek the highest point they can reach, so the spore can then burst out of the ant’s skull as a tiny mushroom and then explode into a mist of the next generation of spores to rain down upon the rest of the ant colony.  Nature is brutal.  It is competitive.  It is violent.  It is the constant struggle against scarcity, in all its nasty forms.

In this kind of world, nice guys finish last.  They always finish last.  What would happen to a “nice” bear that doesn’t want to hurt a poor animal so he goes vegan and protests all war?  This delusion we have created that we already reached paradise because of our laptops and iPhones and internet, thus creating a world where the rules no longer apply, we are separated from nature and now live in a world where “compassion” and “love” is all that matters… this is what is killing civilization.  Don’t let the irony be lost that all this preaching of “love” and “tolerance” is what will throw us back to an age where love barely has room to exist, and tolerance is a but a fevered dream.  We want to think that the tribes we formed at the beginning for our survival don’t matter anymore, so that we can, or at least should, live in some sort of post-racial fairy tale in which “racism”, elusive to actually define now as it is, is the highest sin.  We want to think we escaped our reproductive nature, rendering the two sexes meaningless and giving way instead to the wishy-washy cultural concept of “gender”, to be freely chosen by anyone from an infinite continuum of options.  We want to think that competition is now obsolete, and that allowing it to continue to have a role in society as “capitalism” and the “profit motive” is anachronistic and barbaric, and must be replaced by a system that encourages sharing and compassion and a “safety net”, so that we can do away with this “fast-paced rat race” of competitive sparring that is just, well… mean.

Do you see a theme forming?  It’s all about feelings now.  It’s all about pleasantries.  It’s all about “niceness”.  What the hell does “nice” mean anyways?  It’s quite a vague term.  In most cases it is used as a positive measure of value.  “That’s a nice car”.  “She has a nice body”.  “That was a nice dunk by that basketball player”.  But what does “he’s a nice guy” mean?  What is “nice” about him?  Exactly what positive value is being attributed to a person when we say he is “nice”?  And why do we almost exclusively hear this description applied to men rather than women?

The last question is fascinating, because when we start to unpack this, not only do we first notice that it is mainly men being called nice.  We then notice that it is mostly women who are using this term.  To answer my own question, “what does nice mean in this context”, see the previous paragraph.  It means not being competitive.  It means not trying to win, because winning is “mean” and hurts the loser’s feelings.  It means you don’t ever dare try to get ahead, and if you ever do, you must immediately share your earnings (we really shouldn’t even use that word) with all the less fortunate.  It means whenever something unpleasant or imperfect and rooted in vicious nature such as racial tension, or war over scarce territories and resources, or poverty among some parts of the population, or God forbid “inequality” and “privilege”, exists, you just declare it horrible and ask over and over until you’re blue in the face why we can’t just live in a world where none of that stuff exists.  You don’t acknowledge that it does exist. You don’t accept that unpleasant as they may be, you have to play those games because whether you like it or not you’re on the field, and if you don’t try to win those games, you’re going to lose those games.  You just stick your nose up and then attack the people who are trying to win those games.

The biggest problem is that we have mostly lost our sense of what this world is.  This is the world of women.  Women are emotional over logical.  In a supreme twist of irony, simply stating this otherwise basic biological fact, which not 50 years ago was like saying the sky is blue, tends to trigger emotional outbursts and shooting the messenger.  It is not surprising, and in fact self-consistent, for women to emotionally react to the statement that women are more emotional than logical.  What’s problematic is that now men are doing the same thing.  Men and women complement each other.  An ideal world has a balance of both.  If you had a world full of men, it would be cutthroat to a point that society wouldn’t be able to exist.  Men are so competitive that left completely to their own devices they will fight, go to war, and have constant dick contests to the point it destroys social order.  There would be little to no charity.  All but the very strongest would be killed in the fierce competition, leaving such a small number left the species could not continue (we are of course ignoring the obvious reproductive conundrum if all humans were men… for argument’s sake let’s say they can make test tube babies).  This is basically a world that we’re told is what exists today.  All the hate on capitalism and “patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity” and so on is women’s view of a world that is not completely, 100% dominated by women.  As a man, describing this male-only world is almost appealing.  Obviously, because I’m a guy.  I am biologically tuned to think a world like that would be hyper-efficient and lead to the most rapid innovation and advancement of the species.  I only intellectually know this is false because I have recognized the need for balance, through the fact this world does not actually exist.  It is in fact supremely unnatural.  Nature has provided us 50% men and 50% women, and it did so quite deliberately.  It is a finely tuned ecosystem.

On the other hand, if you had a world full of women, you would get kind of world described above where everything is about compassion and love and tolerance and peace.  Sounds great, right?  Sure, until a bunch of third-world migrants invade the cities and start raping all the women, and there are no men around to protect them (the disease of decline is more advanced in Europe than it is in the U.S., to the point it is almost terminal, and it may be too late).  Just like the world of men only would be so lacking in compassion that it would destroy social order and the ability to cooperate, a world full of women would become defenseless and unproductive, relying to the extent it could on whatever available resources were available at the beginning, until they eventually all get used up or some outside threat appears, and the society suddenly collapses and gets conquered.  Humans need both logical intelligence and emotional intelligence.  They also need both aggression and competition on one side to lead the fight against scarcity, plus compassion and empathy on the other to protect and preserve the internal cooperative structure of human society.  You might be reading this and thinking, “that’s ridiculous, men aren’t completely lacking in compassion and women aren’t completely lacking in aggression”.  No, but on average, men have much more aggression than women do, and women have much more compassion than men do.  In a world of only one sex, both would exist, but one would be far in excess and the other far in deficit.  You can also cherry pick examples of men who are far too compassionate and women who are far too aggressive; more generally you can cherry pick men who are primarily emotionally intelligent, as well as women who are primarily logically intelligent (we all probably know some people like this, they tend to socialize primarily with the opposite sex).  But that doesn’t change the statistics, and the averages.

It should be clear now how this plays into the decline of the West.  At some point, the balance was lost, and things have been tipping more and more toward an overly feminine society (the fact modern society is described as “patriarchal” only emphasizes this; it’s not a world run by men that would let itself be described as male-dominated.  Rather, it is a world run by women that would say that).  Women are still fulfilling their proper role, but are now overreaching and playing that role in inappropriate ways and areas.  More importantly, and causally I believe this is prior, the men are largely no longer playing their role.  We have an excess of femininity and a deficit of masculinity not so much because women have become too feminine, but because men have become feminine as well.  We may theorize how this started to happen, which is surely speculative but at least will help in illuminating and possibly leading to better analysis down the road.

As society became more industrialized, household chores rapidly started to become automated.  The nuclear family structure has long held Western society together.  A man marries a woman, they have children, the man approaches the outside world with his aggression and competitiveness to gather resources, while the woman stays back and protects the home base, including of course the children, using her superior emotional intelligence to stay attuned to their needs.  Both of these were grueling full-time occupations.  As such, the children had to participate significantly in the labor as they became able to do so (as they remained home this meant helping the mother with the house).  But as modern technology started automating tasks, this affected the parental roles differently, and shifted the nature of child raising.  Men’s work was automated, but they were away from the home, working to make money, and this primarily meant living standards rose.  Men could take home more valuable paychecks because their labor was automated with machines and thus had a larger marginal productivity.  This in turn meant they could afford to have better houses with better technology in the home that automated the tasks of mothers.  The men stayed busy all day, as while they could get more work done in less time, they just did more and more work, still spending a whole day doing work.  But the amount of work the mothers had to do roughly stayed the same, so the amount of time they needed to get that work done dropped dramatically.  Suddenly, we had an entire generation of women largely freed from the manual tasks of their mothers and grandmothers, and they had nothing to do.

Idle hands are the Devil’s Playthings.

First, this created a crisis of purpose in women.  With their time freed, the women with no children or grown children had nothing but leisure time, and this paradoxically can drive people crazy.  People need a purpose; an external need imposed on them to work on, or they start inventing some really crazy ones.  For some insane reason women started insisting they needed to get involved in politics.  This is like women today demanding to be let onto battlefields.  Sweethearts, we don’t do this stuff because we enjoy it.  It sucks.  We got the first generation of female political activists, and thus women’s suffrage.  Ever since, half of the voting block is a group that, generally speaking, thinks war is icky (demilitarization), competition is mean (socialism), and words hurt (political correctness).  And we’re all so scared of being called sexists and accused of advocating a “patriarchy” we’re not even allowed to point this out.  Why this is, we’ll get to in a moment.  But the whole debate that happened back then is forgotten now.  We’re afraid to admit there even was a debate, and when it comes up, we get exclusively the side that eventually won.  We aren’t allowed to authentically discuss why men, and plenty of women, back then, opposed the idea of women voting.  We just say it’s “patriarchy” and men are insecure and easily threatened so they wanted to use the political system to boss women around to make themselves feel big (it’s okay to tar all men with this insulting brush, but we can’t say women are highly emotional and this affects who they vote for).  Sure, that’s how one side felt about it.  But we don’t talk about how the other side felt, because we’re afraid by even acknowledging the debate happened, we might lend credence to that other side.

Second, this freed up mothers of young children to get much more actively involved in their children, thereby creating the proverbial overbearing mother.  Where mothers previously had to juggle raising children with maintaining the house, and primarily concerned themselves with just making sure the kids are fed, clothed and housed, those basic tasks became trivial, and with nothing but time on their hands, mothers started worrying about every little facet of their children.  Their emotions, their experiences, what they are always up to, and so on.  I think this has been screwing up all children, but it really started screwing up boys.  Things only got worse as public school got going, which gave childless women access to children in a naturally overbearing role.  Boys began to experience early life as a sort of boot camp at the hands of an army of female drill instructors.  Their mother as the supreme commander, with lesser female teachers filling in the role during the school day.  For a boy in the Modern West, young life is little more than being henpecked to follow instructions being barked at him by a bunch of women far bigger and physically menacing to him.  Again, with little girls being subjected to the same thing, I’m sure they are getting screwed up in their own way.  But I am intimately familiar on a personal level with what this is doing to boys.  I am hard-pressed to put into words how much it screws us up for this to be our first, and dominant for almost two decades, experience with the opposite sex.

This created the first generation of Nice Guys, who are, beyond anything else, men whose entire existence is wrapped up in trying to please women.  What is probably hard to understand, several generations into this, is that this isn’t the same as men being obsessed with getting laid.  The precise thing Nice Guys don’t get is that getting women to sleep with you, versus trying to please women, are not only different, they’re actually diametrically opposed.  We all know this, and describe it as girls liking “assholes” and “bad boys”.  No, not necessarily, though assholes and bad boys aren’t Nice Guys so they do get laid.  Women just want a Not Nice Guy.  They want a fucking man.  We’ll dig into that more in a bit.  When men are raised by women, especially women who are dealing with this crisis of leisure, men are taught to not be masculine, and indeed that masculinity is bad.  It is “toxic”.  They spend their childhoods being bombarded with the emotional thinking of women, immersed in how the average woman navigates the world.  They pick up on this, and get pressured and molded from their female authority figures who constantly “punish” them with “time out” and “detention” and a whole toolbag of emotional humiliation techniques devised by public school teachers to systematically emasculate boys (boys have always had the “discipline problem”, where girls have always, until very recently, been “well-behaved” in school.  This is why).  The real question, the answer to which I do not have, is what the men of this generation were doing when all of this was happening.  Perhaps they were too distracted with WWI and the fledgling industrialism of the early 20th century.

I think it was after World War II ended, that generation came home, and started having the Baby Boomers, where things really went off the deep end.  This generation of men was by no means completely emasculated (they did, after all, fight in WWII), but they were weakened enough that it drove their wives (who, remember, want fucking men, not sissies) into a now common pattern of badmouthing their husbands to their children.  This is where the first truly Nice Guy generation was born: the Baby Boomer men.  This is where the “I’m not like my Dad, I’m different from all those guys” thing started.  The girls were raised to despise masculinity and look upon men with scorn.  There was a last gasp of rugged masculinity in the ’50s, with motorcycle gangs and “Grease” and so on.  Then everything went to complete shit with the ‘60s.  This is where men turned in droves into beatnik hippie “peace activists” and women, who were completely sexually dissatisfied with most men because they were so sissified, demanded a “sexual revolution” so they can jump on the “cock carousel” of the last remaining dregs of “alpha males” (the bad boys, now being pushed more and more into criminal areas) and satisfy their lust for real men, and forget marriage and make their own money at the same time.

When the ‘70s hit, this generation hit the age where they started marrying.  But this was a joke.  Second-wave feminism redefined marriage as “sex slavery”, which is what it felt like for women to declare commitment to these Nice Guys, even if they were conservatives who supported the Vietnam War (they were still, by and large, just pussies).  The next big step happened.  Either a dysfunctional family unit formed with a shrieking wife constantly emasculating the husband in front of the children, warping the childrens’ (especially the boys’) view of sexuality and sexual relationships and pushing them even further into Nice Guy territory (as a desperate plea to get their moms to just stop yelling at them all the time).  Or, with rapidly increasing likelihood, the family broke apart and a new virulent strain of social cancer spread: single motherhood.  Now, boys were being raised by women who didn’t even have husbands anymore (from what I’ve heard single motherhood is even worse for little girls).  What little male role model boys could have was now gone, and they were left fully at the mercy of bitter aging women, deceived by the empty promises of feminism that career and independence from men would make them happy, which often manifested as deep-seated rage toward men in general, especially the boys’ fathers.  Plenty of this leaked out as rage toward the boys themselves, or at least their fledgling masculinity.

This is where we come to my generation: the Millennials.  We are so deep into this, we don’t just have the Female Drill Sergeant Brigade crushing us into submission until we’re 18, the adult men are themselves generations into the conditioning and completely unable to stand up to any of these women.  This finally produced the Snowflake Generation: women so completely self-indulged in their own emotional thinking they shriek and scream rape when someone disagrees with them, because never once in their entire life did a man confront them and say, “hey, calm the fuck down”.  Because the men of not just this generation but really all the living generations have been virtually turned into women too.  The Millennial guys will never even dare to stand up to the girls out of fear of being ostracized from the sexual marketplace.  Today’s average guy is little more than a White Knight taking all the “poor me” stories their utterly out-of-control (because men won’t check their batshit crazy) female friends about their asshole boyfriends (same thing, girls badmouthing the guy she’s sleeping with to the guys who need something from her, whether it’s another guy who wants to fuck her, or her children who want motherly love), and start fancying themselves that one guy who’s “different” that will one day save those poor girls from, well… ostensibly all the “jerks” in the world, but really save them from themselves.

With this generation growing up, we’re now seeing where this ends up.  Those utterly emasculated Nice Guys of the Millennial generation get nowhere with women (if they’re unusually good-looking they might get lucky a couple times), go through various phases of trying to fix this such as “pick-up art”, and as terminal sexual failure looms over them they descend into hellish misogyny, reach the “PUA Hate” stage, and eventually go what is called “MGTOW” (“Men Going Their Own Way”), where they subscribe to a lifetime of video games and HD porn (how porn addiction plays into this all is something we’ll have to explore another time) financed by their droning office job; an existence that abruptly ends billions of years of genetic lineage.  This is how men literally get killed off.

Meanwhile, a small minority of guys figure out how to play the post-sexual revolution game and become “players”; the hot guys the modern girls are fucking and then complaining about to their Nice Guy orbiters, until the girls hit “The Wall” and lose their sexual market value, buy a bunch of cats and form the army of internet bloggers rabbling about “third-wave feminism”.  Those “players” suffer a similar, though much less tragic (at least before the end), fate of remaining single and childless and enjoying their late adulthood, the peak of their sexual market value, continuing to pursue young hot women until they retire.  These are the only remnants of masculinity left in the West, and they have poured all their time and energy into becoming male sluts terrified of accidentally getting a girl pregnant.  This is how a society literally gets killed off.

The underlying theme of this all is the gradual but steady weakening of men into what they are today: groveling apologists hanging their heads in shame, “acknowledging their privilege” and other forms of self-denigration to appease the women who they either want to fuck or at least to stop yelling at them all the time.  They have no drive in their careers and settle into mediocre positions, lacking the aggression and competitiveness needed to rise to executive levels (which includes entrepreneurialism).  As such, they subscribe to the resentment against those with highly successful careers and channel into a fight against capitalism.  They become socialists, hard left-wingers preaching love and tolerance and an end to the “white male patriarchal” system of capitalism, which at the very least will relieve them of their massive student debts for their completely useless degrees they went after mainly because they thought college was going to be a four-year long orgy with wasted 18-21 year old hot sorority chicks (it was, just not for them); a culture happily participated in by said wasted 18-21 year old hot chicks (getting wasted completely voluntarily) but blamed on the beta soy boys who weren’t getting any, as a nefarious manifestation of “rape culture” (the correct term is “hookup culture”, and the people trashing it are the sexually unattractive who were never invited to the pseudo-orgies).  Now with no career prospects and no pussy, obviously they’re hanging around left-wing protests, hoping it will help fix all the “problems” with the job market they never trained for, but mainly to get some ass from the hot Millennial chicks who go to those things (and are still as uninterested in them as ever).  A more interesting question, which I can’t answer satisfactorily here, is why any hot girls who obviously have no clue about the things they’re protesting go to these things in the first place.

Then their worst fucking nightmare shows up, and my God he actually wins the election!

Trump is a resurgence of an actual man.  Just look at how shocking it was to everyone that he was a real man.  Of all the things he did, the very worst one was that he didn’t let bitchy women boss him around.  He would put women who tried to fuck with him in their place.  Like Rosie O’Donnell, and then Megyn Kelly.  The whole news coverage revolved around what a sexist pig he is!  After generations of this shit, we finally got a glimpse on the presidential debate stage of a real man.  Look at how he interacted with Jeb Bush.  Bush acted all “offended” Trump mentioned his immigrant wife and “demanded” an apology.  In other words, Bush acted like a God damned woman… or really like a cucked white knight who calls all the cool guys who get laid “jerks”.  Trump, on the other hand, bitch slapped him with toxic masculinity.  The media thought this was how to stop him; by showcasing it and harping on it.  They were so stubborn and self-absorbed they never figured out that is what made him popular.  They thought that tape would seal the deal.  Here he was, talking in private about how much women throw themselves at him and how he just kisses women he thinks are beautiful.  Pure alpha shit, which should have buried him, right?  Nope, and now guess what the motivational poster I have on my bedroom door that I see first thing in the morning says.

And it’s not just men who saw that and got a breath of fresh air from seeing a man act like how a man should act.  Women loved it too, because that’s the kind of man women really want.  They mostly won’t touch the beta Nice Guys, and will settle for an asshole thug just to get some action, but what they really want is a strong, confident entrepreneur who says and does whatever the fuck he wants and humiliates anyone who tries to stand in his way.  There’s a reason Trump was able to womanize with and multiple times marry hot women.  He is a true Alpha Male.

This is why Austro-libertarians like me got behind him.  Rand Paul was on that stage too.  He’s more of a principled and intellectual small-government liberty candidate.  He’s also (sorry Rand, you and your dad do great work, I say this as a someone who fully supports what you do) a pussy just like the rest of them.  It was really amazing that Trump was the man who went up against the first woman nominee for a party in a presidential election.  I can only imagine how infuriated Hillary Clinton was.  This was finally her chance.  The Democrats screwed her by letting people, like, vote or whatever, on who to make the nominee, in 2008.  She took care of that this time (and who doubted Bernie Sanders was a pussy who’d tuck his tail between his legs when the Clinton Machine came down on him?).  She would have had it in the bag, if any guy other than Trump went up against her.  She would have emasculated the male candidate, making him look like a sniveling, apologetic wimp, to the disgust of the whole country, and they would have voted her in.  Instead, she got the one guy who wouldn’t take her shit.

Trump is a Gift from God delivered in a neat little package with a pretty bow on top.  It will be hard for people to understand what it’s like for me to see him run, get the nomination, then win the election (it fundamentally altered the optimism-pessimism balance of my world view and helped me reach a new level of personal self-confidence).  But he can’t save Western Civilization.  This pussification of men has to stop, and men have to turn it around.  We have to get the boys out of the hands of the Female Authority Brigade and not only “let boys be boys”, but push boys to be boys.  There’s a reason this idea of pressuring traditionally masculinity onto boys infuriates modern feminists into their typical passive-aggressive antics.  It’s the key to beating their envy-fueled plan to burn Western society down to the ground.  We need to take them out shooting and hunting.  We need to teach them to fight.  They need to play competitive sports.  They need to stop playing the Game of Life to not lose, or God forbid to prove they are compassionate.  They need to play to win.

We especially need to teach men how to get women.  The main drive of men being weak sissies and not standing up to women when they act batshit crazy is that they think they have to do this to get laid.  It’s the opposite.  Nothing will make men more attractive to women than to learn to stand up to them.  We need to teach men what men of previous generations knew and handed down through the generations about how women work from the perspective of men and how we should approach them.  We have to create a generation of Trumps.  They don’t all have to be self-made billionaires.  They just have to be men.  The MGTOW thing is the last step in the conquest of men.  Men are literally giving up on women.  As such, there are fewer White Knights.  But we need to capitalize on this.  We need to focus on teaching men how to be successful with women, to have self-confidence and not feel emasculated by shrieking harpies.  If men are being strong and confident and having the love lives they want, they won’t feel a need to go along with any of this.  And the women will get what they’ve been dying for, which is real men who turn them on but didn’t just get out of prison.

With men in this position, not needing to capitulate to women, they’ll start taking on political problems and not get pushed around by the Establishment.  We’ll have the generation of Trumps we need.

You think this is just about guys getting laid?  Dude, this is literally about saving the West.  It’s not that surprising.  We are sexual creatures, and society is largely built around our sexuality.  Screwing up our sexuality is destroying civilization.  Repairing our sexuality will save civilization.

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