“The proper strategy for the right wing must be what we can call ‘right-wing populism’: exciting, dynamic, tough, and confrontational, rousing and inspiring not only the exploited masses, but the often-shell-shocked right-wing intellectual cadre as well. And in this era where the intellectual and media elites are all establishment liberal-conservatives, all in a deep sense one variety or another of social democrat, all bitterly hostile to a genuine Right, we need a dynamic, charismatic leader who has the ability to short-circuit the media elites, and to reach and rouse the masses directly. We need a leadership that can reach the masses and cut through the crippling and distorting hermeneutical fog spread by the media elites.” – Murray Rothbard

Right wing populism is, at its core, the dynamic, passionate and animated opposition to the Cultural Marxism that is pushed forward by the Modern Left, and held in place (“conserved”) by the Modern Right.

We understand the Marxist roots of the Left’s culture war they call “social justice”.  They see the world through the lens of Marxist sociology; of “class warfare” between “oppressor groups” (whites, men, straights, Christians, etc.) and “oppressed groups” (minorities, women, LGBT, Muslims, etc.).  Their intellectual leadership is in the Frankfurt School of Philosophy, led by Herbert Marcuse, who founded the idea of “political correctness” as a means of imposing intolerance on what he called the intolerant; of oppressing the oppressors to finally level the playing field.  We understand the Modern Right, the so-called “neoconservatives”, as Trotskyite Marxists of their own flavor, serving only to slow down the Left’s onslaught against the traditions of America, and perpetually apologetic toward the Left, never genuinely opposing them but instead seeking their approval and acceptance.  When they’re not doing that, they’re pushing their own destructive brand of military socialism, a failed drug war that is turning our police into an occupying army and shredding our beloved Bill of Rights, and “nation building” every nation except for their own.  They always put America last.

We have “social justice warriors” demanding racial and gender quotas at workplaces, the end to a nefarious system of “white privilege”, the end to a nefarious “patriarchy” (what we may call “male privilege”), and character assassinating anyone who does not join their causes with the Big Three: racist, sexist, homophobe.  These are the worst things you can be called in America today.  We acknowledge this battle strategy, and unlike the weak, cowardly mainstream Republicans, we meet it head on.  We will waste no time defending ourselves as not being bigoted, and take these accusations by the Social Justice Warriors as terms of endearment.  This does not mean we espouse bigotry, it means we laugh at the pathetic attempt by these extremists to try to control us with shame by throwing those accusations around until they lose all meaning.  For us, the strategy simply will not work.  We enter this war knowing we will be “shot” with the weapons of such accusations, and that will not stop us.

We are populists because we understand politics is driven by the elite.  The common man has little time for political debate, especially of intellectually grounded debate.  The common man believes what he is told, for this is the only sensible decision when one decides not to become an expert oneself.  The West’s descent into madness is not the fault of the unwashed hippie college student spouting off Marxist diatribes he doesn’t even understand.  He is led by the intellectuals, who are in bed with the politicians in a deal to enrich themselves by becoming apologists for state power.  We focus entirely on the elite, who carry all the blame for the decline of Western Civilization.

We do not sit in our ivory towers of high class and talk derisively and condescendingly down to the manual laborers of the world who grow our food and build our homes.  We champion the blue collar worker, using our intellectual leadership against the intellectual establishment to reveal to them how they have been conned and exploited by the snobby establishment leeches who sit on their news networks, calling Middle Americans backwoods, illiterate and inbred hicks all day while literally surviving off all their hard work.  We will rouse the middle class masses against the arrogant, haughty attitude of these self-proclaimed elites, and fan the flames of what the elites will call “anti-intellectualism”, but what is really anti-establishmentarianism.  When accused of being anti-intellectual, we will meet the psuedo-intellectual sycophants in the arena of ideas and crush them, revealing their supposed intellectualism to be no more than smoke and mirrors; an elaborate fraud, at the taxpayer’s expense.

We are “right wing” because we champion individualism, capitalism, traditional nuclear families, and Western Civilization.  If anything truly exemplifies the difference between “right” and “left, it is individualism on the right vs. collectivism on the left.  We see the Left as a virulent strain of hive mind groupthink, aiming to reduce the human unit to a worker bee in a bee hive, utterly indistinguishable from every other worker bee, robbed of all its individuality; of its very humanity.  The Left calls this “egalitarianism”, or more often just “equality”.  They have perverted the classical liberal principle of “equal before the law” to the very different principle of eradicating all differences.  These are not just different.  They are opposites.

To determine if you are “right wing” or “left wing”, ask yourself which of these scenarios you consider “fair”: a race where every runner must run the same distance, starting in the same stance, at the same time, or a race where the fastest runner must run the furthest, and the slowest the shortest, to ensure that every racer finishes at the same time.  The “left” demands that the latter is fair, because they define fairness as everyone finishing together.  As soon as anyone wins the race, it must be unfair.  The “right”, on the other hand, demands that the former is fair, because what each runner must do is the same as every other runner.  Fairness leads to the best runners winning.  In this sense, we as “right wing populists” could not possibly be more right wing.  We see the jealously-fueled efforts, culminating in the economic system of socialism, to handicap the most capable people to make sure they do not “win” the race of life.

We see the growing cultural themes that nothing is one’s own fault, that the winners are ruthless, immoral cheaters, and losing is really proof that one is too honest and virtuous to do all the terrible things that one must do to win.  It is no accident that we, the “radical” right as the establishment of the envious calls us, tend to be winners.  We are the ones who trained for the race.  We poured our energy into becoming the fastest runners, and we expect our hard work to pay off, knowing that those who did not train will claim we didn’t actually work hard, we just “got lucky” (we were born with the privilege of good genetics).  We understand a “fair” world where those who work the hardest are allowed to win from doing so, benefits everyone.  Those on the top of the mountain can reach down and pull those on the bottom up.  Unfortunately, too often those on the bottom grab on and try to rip those on the top back down to the bottom.  All the jealousy-fueled “egalitarianism”, the irrational obsession with complete and total “equality” of everyone, will accomplish is for no one to be on the top of the mountain.  Is that better than only some people being on top?  Yes, according to the Left, it is better for everyone to be on the bottom, because even though no one is better off, and some are worse off, it is more “fair”.  At least those on the bottom are not forced to look up and see people above them, which fills them with shame and envy.

But do not be deceived.  There are groups, called both by themselves, and by the mainstream media, who claim to be “right wing”, but are really just more Social Justice Warriors; jealous losers who think their own failures are the fault of some “oppressor” group keeping them down, refusing to take any responsibility for their own lives.  They call themselves the “Alt Right”, or “White Nationalists”.  Both the Left, and these groups, are obsessed with lumping us together.  The Left wants to discredit us, the strong natural leaders who will reach the top and pull others up to join them.  The Alt Right wants to pretend they are us, instead of accepting they are just like the SJWs on the other side.  The complainers on the Left blame everything on whites, on men, on straights, on Christians, on the West, on capitalism, and on personal freedom.  The complainers on the Alt Right blame everything on blacks, Jews, gays, and also… capitalism and personal freedom.  As far as I am concerned, they are indistinguishable.  We want as little to do with the whiny White Nationalists wannabe Nazis as we do the whiny Antifa wannabe Soviets.  We recognize the desire by both sides to associate us with neo-Nazis, and we will defeat this strategy in the arena of ideas.  We will publicly humiliate the neo-Nazis in a way the Marxist Left never could, demonstrating them to be hardly different from each other in the process.

Everything discussed here is well rooted in deeply studied social philosophy in the tradition of Austro-libertarianism, led by the intellectual giants of Mises, Rothbard and Hoppe.  But this is not a place for dry, analytical diatribes about the technical workings of human society, which is little more than a sleeping pill for the vast majority of the population.  We are not outside observers of political economy.  This is our lives; our futures.  What we do here is to advance the Animating Contest of Liberty: to thrust our whole hearts and souls, backed by our rational minds, into the struggle for freedom.  We will win not by being the most logical, even though we will do our due diligence to assure the truth is on our side.  Unfortunately just being right is not sufficient to win.  We will use the tools of rhetoric to sway the masses.  We will win the meme war.  We will mock the stale, lame politically correct comedians of late night talk shows, reminding the world that comedy is raw, inappropriate, risky, and brutally authentic.  We will make new conservatism, not the lame outdated Religious Right, but an exciting freedom loving culturally libertarian conservatism, the new counterculture, and the new “cool”.  We will turn being a Marxist Leftist into lame imitation of the previous generations.  We will expose the manipulative virtue signalling of the Left, who parade the suffering of the poor and disadvantaged for their own personal gain, making them out to be the selfish moral posers they are.  We will not stay calm.  We will not act “sane”.  We will not wait for or expect praise from our enemies of this intellectual war.  We are in this to win, not to appease our opposition.  And win we shall.  We have the intelligence, the charisma, the passion, and perhaps most importantly the humor, to assure this.